A3 Book Scanner Fixture

A3 Book Scanner Fixture

Product Details

Includes 2 device-level targets and 8 satellite SFR resolution targets

Our A3 book scanner fixture is made with 1/2" lightweight Sintra and is hinged for up to 180-degree openings. Magnetic catches prevent inadvertent opening. Each comes with two device-level targets and eight satellite SFR targets for measuring resolution, SFR, and illumination non-uniformity over the entire platen area. Finger pull depressions are provided to allow easy removal and replacement of each target element. Target elements are also held in place with neodymium magnets to prevent targets from falling out during transport or vertical mounting.

Note: This size target is suitable for most book scanning units such as Atiz BookDrives, DigitalTransitions BCS, Qidenus, and most other book cradle devices.

It is NOT suitable for Kirtas/Kabis automatic book scanning stations or Triventus Book Scanners. For Kirtas/Kabis Book scanners see 11" x 14" size Book Scanner Fixture.