Our Story

Since 2006 Image Science Associates has enabled the Cultural Heritage community to digitize accurately.

Don Williams

Prior to founding ISA, Don Williams interfaced with the digital imaging archiving industry while at Eastman Kodak. Don observed digital imaging was not robust in an information sense. The reason he founded ISA was to enable the cultural heritage community to capture images that are more than just a picture. With a passion for getting imaging done right, Don has worked with leading institutions including both the world's largest library and the nation's attic in Washington, DC.

Our team of imaging scientists and engineers specializes in integrating image quality targets and analysis software into a cohesive package. We’ve leveraged decades of cumulative experience in a wide range of imaging applications to develop the most useful and usable tools available. They are at your disposal during our informational webinars which you can set up by contacting us.

Our customers are represented throughout the industry—from library collection owners and university digital labs such as Stanford and North Western to system manufacturers such as Creekside Digital and Pixel Acuity. We have contacts throughout the digital imaging community and can enable your success. A capture system using ISA high quality targets and software ensures the images are accurate the first time.

Don's success was demonstrated by one industry insider who said, “Our agencies don’t always talk to each other, but everyone talks to Don Williams.” ISA’s involvement with the archiving industry since inception allows us to ensure conformance and best practices throughout the industry. Our technical expertise ensures compliance with FADGI Standards. We can provide custom targets to meet all your imaging needs.

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“Without GoldenThread and GoldenTouch we could not have met the FADGI standards required in the request for proposal.”

– John at bydelux.com