Image Quality Experience

Many users accept the emerging methods for measuring and assessing digital image quality. However, they are reluctant to adopt them because they haven’t the experience, confidence, or time and resources to adequately ensure a useful outcome. Still others are required to adopt these methods, but remain uncertain about how to interpret the results.

We bring more than a decade of experience in cultural heritage image quality and have a large imaging performance database for device comparisons, qualifying us to be independent guardians of your financial investment.

Scanner/Camera Acceptance Testing

Before you sign off on that expensive and complex scanning device, be sure that it is performing as expected. We work with you to create a comprehensive acceptance test plan and evaluation process, that we perform, to ensure your image quality expectations are met. We act on your behalf with your vendor to achieve a mutual and economic delivery agreement. We get involved.

Periodic Image Quality Monitoring and Audits

Using a Image Science Associates Target at the Smithsonian

Any number of imaging inconsistencies can creep unnoticed into your digitizing workflows, or those of your service provider. From incorrect exposure selections to inappropriate image processing choices, we know how these changes manifest themselves in image quality metrics. When used with the GoldenThread imaging tools, we can design an image quality program for you that will allow us to track, report, and in many cases diagnose and fix such behaviors for a more consistent imaging product. We do more than measurements; we find solutions for your imaging challenges.

Image Quality Specifications

Given the wide range of materials to be imaged and the many possible use cases of digitized images, it is a daunting task to determine just how the scan specifications should be constructed. Let us help you bring our experience to your project by:

  • Creating air-tight job requirements for more accurate, cost-effective quoting
  • Setting up conformance testing to ensure specifications are met
  • Installing quality control protocols on your production floor

Digitization Standards and the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) from Sustainable Heritage Network on Vimeo.

Scanner Bake-Off with a Finish

A major university in the Chicago area was in the market for an A0 scanner. These are not inexpensive items, so the university wanted to make sure they would not regret their purchase decision. Three scanners were being considered. Instead of basing their decision on hearsay and manufacturer-published specifications, the university enlisted ISA to coordinate an image quality bake-off among the scanners. We sent ISA GoldenThread targets to the three vendors, provided them with a test plan, and asked them to send the digital images to the customer who evaluated the images with ISA's GoldenThread software. Good decision. Two of the scanner’s results failed to meet FADGI requirements. Once the chosen scanner was installed, further testing with ISA's GoldenTouch software identified a misalignment problem. The vendor was notified and they fixed the problem.


Cheap Insurance

A quality-focused service bureau specializing in cultural heritage digitization projects began using the GoldenThread system to assist in the setup and ongoing monitoring of the performance of its bound book, newspaper, transmissive, and large format imaging platforms. By periodically imaging ISA targets and analyzing them using GoldenThread software, they were able to identify problems before they were baked into thousands or tens of thousands of images and required a tremendous amount of re-work. Moreover, delivering images with ISA targets included has allowed their customers to verify that the vendor's equipment is calibrated and operating properly—and that the customers' digitized assets are compliant with the current FADGI image guidelines.