GoldenThread System

GoldenThread System

Product Details

The GoldenThread System includes two Gold Standard quality targets that incorporate all the necessary features to specify and assess the quality of your imaging system, including:
  • Slanted-edge feature for measuring spatial frequency response (SFR) and color plane registration
  • 12-step spectrally neutral patches from 0.05 to 2.43 optical density for measuring the opto-electronic conversion function (OECF), color neutrality, and noise
  • 18 Munsell color patches to assess color encoding accuracy
  • Neutral density patches to assess uniformity (device-level only)
  • All data is saved to individual reports in Microsoft Excel and to appended reports in a Microsoft Access database to facilitate statistical process control and quality assurance
  • For more detailed descriptions of the test targets and software capabilities, download the GoldenThread Informational Brochure

The GoldenThread System includes the 1.0x size (9-1/4" x 1") Object-level target, the Device-level target (7" x 10" x 1/8"), GoldenThread analysis software to determine pass/fail and standard support. Components can be purchased separately.