GoldenThread / DICE Device-Level Target

GoldenThread / DICE Device-Level Target

Product Details

This targets dimensions are 7" x 10" x 1/8" (17.8 x 25.4 x 0.32 cm). It is a companion to the object-level target. It is designed to allow scanner performance measurements over a larger field of view. In addition to enabling the same ISO metrics as the object-level target, it can provide for measuring illumination uniformity, spatial distortion, and resolution variability over the target's areal coverage. This target is best suited for scanner benchmarking or session-to-session quality control and is compatible with GoldenThread software.

  • Sheet-metal mounted, this target provides a means to measure sampling rate (dpi), resolution, color, tone, noise and color channel misregistration. Compliant with existing ISO standard's protocols when measured using GoldenThread.
  • It has the identical 18 color patches of the GretagMacbeth™ ColorChecker®, plus 12 unique spectrally neutral gray patches to better track high dynamic range tones often encountered in many collections.
  • All patches are annotated with their L*a*b* values so that any future doubts about the color genealogy of the object can be resolved with a clear path back to the colors and tones of the original object when the target is included in the image. One can also quickly check the annotated L*a*b* values of the target against those provided by commercial image editing software.
  • There are also vertical and horizontal slanted edge targets near the center to calculate the spatial frequency response (SFR) along with bar-type wedge features to quickly judge spatial resolution visually (200-850 dpi) or compare against software calculated results.
  • Bidirectional metric- and English-based rulers are provided to confirm sampling rate.